Daily Learning Journey

Class environment

Children have the opportunity to move between centres inside their classroom, including a small world centre, a narrative centre, a construction and manipulation centre, and a science and exploration centre. They learn skills by playing and using the items in each centre.

Nursery schedule:

The youngsters spend the day exploring and learning while playing. The regular timetable exposes students to a variety of learning activities. They go from one activity to the next, respecting their attention span while allowing them to enjoy and develop.

The activities

The children's interests are exploited to motivate and involve them in further study. Learning takes happen indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions.Teaching can be done directly in small or large groups, with guidance from the teacher, or independently in response to a specific goal.


The learning outcomes:

Through interactive learning, children follow the curriculum areas to develop critical fundamental skills in the seven learning domains.

The assessment:

Teachers closely monitor students and documents on their learning journeys to determine what they can do and how well they learn, and then use this knowledge to plan the next steps in their learning.