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Learning Tree Nursery is following the EYFS curriculum.

Play, and more importantly learning through play, is an essential part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). As children move into the reception year, a greater emphasis is placed on learning skills that will support and prepare children for the learning expectations in school.

Learning Tree Nursery provides a strong foundation for a UAE child’s education, helping them to develop important social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills that prepare them for primary school.

Our Nursery will provide children with an opportunity to learn how to interact with peers, develop friendships, and develop empathy and kindness towards others.

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Areas Of Development

communication and language

The natural need of youngsters to communicate their thoughts, ideas, desires, and feelings pushes them to utilise language.A child also has to learn the structure and sequence of speech.


Reading aloud to children, introducing them to books, print, and writing, and offering plenty of opportunities for mark creation all help children develop their early reading skills.

Understanding the world

Children develop scientific thinking through hands-on sensory experiences. Children develop deeper understandings and connections as they explore and experiment.

Physical development  

Children will naturally play games with peers and get involved in physical play. This helps children develop muscle control, coordination, stamina core strength, stability, balance, also children will access to planned outdoor activities .

personal, social and emotional development

Young children's social-emotional development includes learning how to comprehend their own and others' emotions, as well as how to regulate and express them appropriately.


As with all learning, first hand exploration is important for learning mathematics. The knowledge children acquire in their first years, lays the foundations for the understanding of mathematical concepts.

expressive arts and design

Children express themselves creatively through visual arts, music, dance, and drama. Art allows children to express feelings, thoughts, and ideas that they may find difficult to articulate orally.

Creative Classes

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2-5 Years
15 Seats

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2-8 Years
18 Seats

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2-10 Years
35 Seats

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